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Great Room
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Area Rugs *please note qty and sizes below
Sofa (3 cushion)
Sofa with large reversible pillows for back
Sectional Sofa
Recliner/Upholstered Chair
Dining Room Chair(s) *please note qty and describe
Please add specifics from above: (quantities, sizes, descriptions) OR if you have any additional rooms or furniture not listed:
Do you want entire rooms cleaned or mainly walk areas?
Are there any carpeted full rooms, walk areas or furniture in your home that you'd like to have protected against future dirt, spills and wear to help EXTEND THE LIFE of what we clean? We offer affordable stain protection!
YES Specific areas need protection
YES Entire rooms need protection
MAYBE Depends on pricing
NO Thank you!
Do you have anyone in the household with allergies? A deodorizer is used to freshen your carpet/furniture. It's only a slight clean smell, but some prefer no odors.
Yes we have allergies or prefer no smell afterward
No allergies, I like a clean fresh smell!
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